Become A Fundraiser

As a fundraiser, you will be raising the funds to help Al Balagh Academy achieve its noble vision of spreading Islamic teachings far and wide. For this great effort, ALLAH will surely reward you with His choicest blessings.

If you wonder how you can help us, here is short description of what you can do to be a fundraiser for Al Balagh Academy.

How can I fundraise for Al Balagh Academy?

By being a fundraiser, you will be helping Al Balagh Academy with reaching out to generous people who have this indomitable desire to donate in the way of Allah, donate for the love of ALLAH, for the spread of Islamic teachings.

You can spread our message by being a volunteer and take part in this noble work to raise funds so that the task we have entrusted ourselves with, becomes simple to achieve. Allah will reward for all the efforts you will be putting in making our message known to people in your community.

Be A Fundraiser 

It is simple and it will make you feel good as well. You can select a goal, pick the right activity and bring your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and other loved ones at one platform to support Al Balagh Academy.

Here are some of the ways, you can raise the funds.


You can identify people who would love to donate in the way of Allah. You can get such people connected to us.

Use Social Media, WhatsApp or Telegram

A small fundraising appeal on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social sites can attract people in your circles.

Run Fundraising Campaign In Your Locality

If you can invest more time, you can organize a small campaign with help of your friends in your locality to spread awareness of what Al Balagh Academy is doing and raise funds.

Small Get-together

You can hold a small get-together, invite your family members, friends, colleagues and everyone you love and ask them to help Al Balagh. Even small contributions by large groups will certainly be great.

 Be More Creative

You can go more creative in order to help us raise the funds.

To be a fundraiser, get connected to us now.

How can you help us?


Help us spread the divine knowledge to thousands of people worldwide!

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