Introduction to Qur’anic Studies

     The course is a gateway to Al Balagh Quranic Studies Program, provides a brief overview of the Quranic Sciences (Ulûm Al-Quran), the Science of Exegesis (Tafsir), major themes of the Quran and contemporary challenges the Quran faces. The course is designed to help students get a clear grounding in Quranic Studies by acquainting them with key terminologies, topics, concepts, ideas and other aspects of the Quran, provides a solid base for further studies and exploration too.

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Length: 4 Weeks
Effort: 2 to 5 hours per Week
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Program: Albalagh Quranic Studies
Level: Level - 1
Prerequisite: None
Language: English
Mode: Online (Live and Interactive)
Course Starting Date: 20th June 2020

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Course Team

Main Titles

1. The Sciences of the Quran (Ulum -Ul- Quran) – An Overview
2. Key Topics
3. Key Concepts
4. Key Terminologies
1. The Science of Exegesis – An Overview
2. Approaches to Quranic Exegesis
3. Quranic Literature – An Overview
4. Key Topics
5. Key Concepts
6. Key Terminologies
1. The Jewels of the Quran – An Overview
2. Major Themes of the Quran
3. “Jawahir–ul–Quran” and Imam al Ghazali – An Overview
4. Reviving the Quranic Values –Contemporary Issues and Challenges
1. The Quran and Modern Science – Issues and Challenges
2. The Quran, Orientalism, and Modern Thoughts – Issues and Challenges
3. How to Defend the Quran?
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Course Overview

     The course provides a brief introduction to the sciences of the Quran (Ulumul Quran) and Tafsir al Quran (Quranic Exegesis) to equip learners with the basics of Quranic Studies and enable them to explore the Quran. The course acquaints learners with fundamental Quranic concepts, major themes of the Quran, interpretation and other relevant aspects. The lectures will be focused on introducing students to key concepts discussed in the Quranic sciences and Quranic literature which will eventually lay the foundation for further Quranic studies. The course is suitable for the beginners, with no or little academic background on Quranic Studies, who would like to learn more about the Quranic Sciences and to gain more knowledge about the main subjects of the Quran. The course will enable students to understand the issues and challenges the Quran faces which are arising from the scientific community, orientalists and modern Muslim writers.

 Main Titles

  1. The Sciences of the Quran (Ulum -Ul- Quran) – An Introduction
  1. The Science of Exegesis – An Introduction
  1. The Jewels of the Quran   – An Introduction
  1. The Quran and Contemporary Challenges

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course successfully, Student will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts discussed in the Quran, Quranic Sciences, and the Science of Exegesis (Tafseer) and learn some of the key terminologies.
  • Appreciate efforts put in by the scholars to preserve the Quran (its authenticity, its message).
  • Understand the importance of learning the Quranic Subjects and Quranic Values.
  • Understand contemporary issues and challenges facing the Quran arising from the scientific community, orientalists and modern Muslim writers.

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