Islamic Banking And Finance – Level 1

Embark on a spiritual journey that facilitates the purification of your wealth. Learn and embody Islamic rulings on your finances and live in accordance to Shar’iah.

Starting Date: ** ** 2019

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What is this Course all about?

This unique entry level course will provide you with a basic foundation into Islamic Finance. You will build on this foundation and learn the framework in which Shar’iah works. This will then allow you to develop an understanding of the basic requirements of Shar’iah and thus apply these to contemporary contracts, especially those that have become commonplace in the west and have thus become pervasive throughout the world. 

The uniqueness of the course will take you on a historical exploration of Islamic financial concepts, as well as how they have developed to some of the systems we have today. You will be provided with a solid grounding in both the classical and modern approaches to Islamic economics and its Shar’iah based principles. The course’s fusion of both the theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic financial governorship, such as its illustration through case studies, will allow you to examine contemporary challenges and issues that have developed in the current Islamic banking sector. You will thus gain an insight into how Islamic contracts, mortgages, overdraft, insurance and other related Islamic banking products work and operate amongst the more common interest based products and banking systems.

This initial entry level course is suitable for both beginners and those with a more developed understanding of Islamic finance. As an entry level student you will be given an overview as to how finance works within the Shar’iah, whilst those with a more developed understanding of Islamic finance will be provided with a systematic approach to Shar’iah based finance. It will fill those gaps you may feel you have. These ideas will then be developed and explored further in level two and three of the course, where you as an entry level student or a more developed learner will develop a personal approach to Islamic finance and economics. 

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Course Code: 00000
Al Balagh Credits: 45
Duration: 9 Months
Course Starting  Date: 16th June 2019
Days:  Sundays
Live Session Timings:

3 – 5 PM BST


Effort: 2 – 5 Hours / Week
Program: Level – 1
Prerequisite: None
Language  English
Mode:  Online (Live and Interactive )
Online Learning Material:  Yes ( Accessible After Course Starting Date)
Video Recordings: Yes ( Available within 48hrs After the Live Session )
Fees: From £00.00/month for 8 months

Missed A LIVE Session?

Don’t worry. We have got the LIVE session recorded for you.
Have any questions? Check out FAQs section.

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Course Features

Duration – **+ Months


Professional Admin and IT Support

Live Sessions Every Sunday



** Live Sessions ( One / Week)


Online Assessments (Optional)

24 / 7 Access to Video Recordings and Online Learning Materials


Live Q & A

How it Works?

This is a Level 1 course and we are in the process of developing advanced courses, in order for successful Level 1 students to then undertake. There will be 3 levels to the course and each level will have a minimum of 10, and no more than 20 sessions. The Level 1 course is designed to take 4 months, although we can provide some flexibility on this. The course itself   will consist of between 10 to 12 live online interactive sessions and/or pre-recorded videos. As a learner you will be provided with all the online course material, engaging learning activities including online assessments and practical assignments. The live sessions will also be recorded for your convenience in order for you to review. The course is online and offers a flexible way to study whilst maintaining work and personal commitments. It consists of the following components:

Live Online Sessions:

There will be 10 to 12 live online lectures which will be delivered on Weekdays. Each session will be between 90-120 minutes. The instructors will deliver interactive online lectures on the topics. You are encouraged to discuss cases during online sessions, ask questions and raise important points for feedback. This discussion is a key component of the learning process and the more you engage with the instructor, the more productive and enjoyable your learning will be. Where you are unable to make the live sessions, they will be recorded and you can get access to these recordings by logging into your personalized “myAlbalagh” account. The recordings are generally made available between 48 to 72 hours after the LIVE session. You can then still continue your study by watching the recordings at a time that is more convenient to you.

Online Course Material

This course material comprises of articles, case scenarios with questions,  pre-recorded videos and/or further learning material. You can review, print and read the course material during the course and use the discussion board to ask questions related to the course content. The course material will be released gradually on “myAlbalagh” and every student will have access to “myAlbalagh” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Access to the online learning portal is available from a range of devices including from a desktop computer, laptop or even from your mobile device. You can download our mobile app which is compatible with android and IOS mobile devices to get access to the course material from anywhere and at anytime.

Online Learning Activities:

There are a range of online activities, these include online assessments, practical assignments and/or question exercises to help you revise, reflect and gain a clear understanding of the subject.

Course Overview

This unique Islamic Banking and Finance course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the way Shar’iah based finance works.  It is a must for both students and professionals who are in the banking and finance industry that want to understand key Islamic financial principles and ideas. The suitability is further for Ulama, Sharīʿa scholars and students of ilm, as well as all those who have a keen interest in Islamic finance.

The course will provide you with a critical understanding of the way the Islamic banking and finance industry operates, as well as the necessary knowledge and skills that are required to work within a Shar’iah based Islamic framework. This course will further allow you to explore both classical and current approaches of Islamic banking and finance, its structures and its applicability to contemporary banking systems

Course Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is:

  • Understand the process Islamic authorities have been through in providing systematic meaning to ambiguous terms.
  • Identify and understand these terms, which have existed in both the classical and the modern banking/financial systems.
  • Explore the economic and financial framework in light of Islamic standards and principles.
  • Comprehend and recognise the rationale behind Islamic rulings on various financial services.
  • Differentiate and draw distinctions between Islamic banking and finance from its various other conventional and modern counterparts.
  • Identify Shari’ah based principles, concepts and values in Islamic finance. As well as to identify Shari’ah compliant financial products, such as Islamic mutual assets.
  • Analyse and apply the best Islamic banking principles and Shari’ah concepts in the context of standard Islamic financial services.
  • Apply critical thinking in assessing various Islamic banking facilities, Shari’ah compliant products and services.
  • Communicate this understanding and expertise, both verbally and in writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enable you to become familiar with Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Provide you with an insight in all facets of Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Allow you to harmonise your finance and banking decisions with Islamic rulings.
  • Develop skills required to take on halal banking and finance solutions.


  1. How is this online course structured?

Our online programme comprises of a range of engaging and enriched learning sessions that are available live and on-demand. The sessions are also recorded for you to watch at your convenience. Our course is innovatively divided into different modules. Learners are encouraged to ask questions to remove any doubts or confusion regarding any aspect of the course. You can get support from our course instructors or academic support team during live sessions and/or after the session as and when required. 

  1. Will I get printed certificates?And how does this work?

Certificates are available upon successful completion of the course and assessments. 

  1. What is meant by 1-to-1 Mentor Support?

One-to-one personalised support is available to learners from a specialised mentor. We understand that at times you may feel that you have not fully grasped certain aspects of the course. We thus provide learners with a one-to-one mentor to support you in your personal and professional growth. If you choose to have a personal mentor he will be available to you throughout the course. You may contact him by Email, WhatsApp or book an appointment and meet him online. 

  1. Is it compulsory to attend LIVE sessions? Will it count towards the progress of my course?

We encourage you to attend the LIVE sessions as it is an important feature of the learning progress. However, if for any reason you miss attending one of the sessions then you will have access to the recorded session.

  1. When will I have access to the online course material?

The online course material will be available to you upon successful enrolment. Here you will be given access to myAlbalagh, our online learning portal where you will be given access to any pre-course material that is required. The course content will be released gradually as the course progresses.

  1. When will LIVE sessions be scheduled?

The date, day and the time for each LIVE session will be pre-scheduled. For further details about the course schedule for the live sessions, please visit “myAlbalagh” and click on the tab “Schedule.” You will be given complete details for this here. 

  1. How do I get access to the recorded session if I am unable to attend the LIVE sessions?

If you miss the LIVE session, you can catch up by watching the video recordings later at a time more convenient to you. To get access to the video recordings, you should visit “myAlbalagh” by using your sign-in details. The course material will be available to you on your “myAlbalagh”. You can access the material through your laptop, desktop or from your mobile.  

  1. What if I have questions to ask but can’t attend the LIVE session?

Once you sign into “myAlbalagh”, there will be a “Discussion Board” Icon as part of the course. Questions and discussions will take place on this section. Our support staff will take your queries forward and get answers for you from your course instructors.  

  1. How do I interact with my classmates?

The “Discussion Board” is also a way for learners to engage with each other. Here you can share ideas and make connections with others on the course. Please bear in mind that the “Discussion Board” must stay relevant to the course being taken. In addition to the “Discussion Board” learners are encouraged to share ideas and communicate with your classmates in our “Whatsapp Group” that is exclusive for the course students. 

  1. How long will I have access to the online programme?

You will have access to the online course content for up to 2 years. Please contact our admin team by Email at [email protected] if you want lifetime access. 

  1. Are family/group discounts available?

Yes, we provide discount for groups or families who are interested in joining one of our courses. Please, email us to get complete details on this. 

  1. I am having trouble signing into my private member portal. What should I do?

In case you have trouble accessing your account, then please contact us immediately. We will ensure that your problem gets resolved at the earliest possible time.

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