The Fiqh and Status of Women

The Fiqh & Status of Women

About the Course

This unique and comprehensive online course will shed light on contemporary Islamic rulings related to Muslim women’s public and private life. The course will explore a wide range of issues related to modernity and the impact of modern technological advancement on behaviour and perception.


Mufti Syed Waliullah Abrar Qasmi

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Ayesha Khizer

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Humaira Faizan

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Main Modules 

The Fiqh of Beautification, Make-up and Cosmetics

  • Beauty & Cosmetic Products
  • Makeup Services
  • Cosmetic & Enhancement Therapy
  • Lasers and IPL
  • Waxing, Threading, Facials and Massage
  • Establishing Beauty Parlours
  • Visiting and Working in Beauty Parlours and Salons
  • Haircuts and Styling
  • Hair Colours and Streaking
  • Women wearing Perfume- Islamic advice

The Fiqh of Fashion Trends & Clothing Styles

  • Islamic Dress Code for Women
  • Modesty & Elegance
  • The Concept of “Awrah” and “Satr”
  • Fashion Trends and Islamic Styles: How to Maintain the Balance?
  • Clothing Styles and Designer Dresses
  • Wearing Skirts, Leggings, Tops, Trousers and Western Dresses
  • Islamic Ethics for Shopping
  • Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

Hijab & Niqab and Contemporary Society

  • Hijab and Niqab – A Historical and Fiqhi Analysis
  • Wearing Hijab: How to Implement?
  • Wearing Niqab ( Covering Face) in Islam: Is it Wajib (Obligatory)?
  • Hijab in Muslim Countries: From Cultural, Legislation and Religious Perspective
  • Hijab and Niqab in the West: Social, Political and Cultural Issues
  • Hijab or Niqab Ban: How to Deal?

The Fiqh of Gender and Social Interaction. Limits & Boundaries

  • Interaction with Non-Relative Males
  • Interaction with Family Members
  • Interaction with Friends
  • Weddings, Parties, Functions and Public Events
  • Online Chats, Social Media, Texting and Digital World
  • Seducing and Harassment

The Role of Women in Society

  • The Great Muslim Women – A Historical Analysis
  • Contemporary Society and Opportunities for Women
  • Women Leadership
  • Women’s Role in Dawah, Social Work and Politics
  • Some Contemporary Issues
    • Car Driving
    • Travel Without Mahram
    • Public Speaking
    • Women and The Right to Get Access to Masjid
    • Women and Leading Prayer
    • Following the Janazah and Visiting the Graves

A Muslimah in the Campus

  • Women and Education in Islam
  • Studying in Madaris : Dress Code and Code of Conduct
  • Studying in Colleges and Universities
  • Subjects and Specialisation
  • Travelling Abroad for Higher Education
  • Campus Life and Maintaining the Islamic Values
  • Islamic Guideline for Interaction with Male Classmates and Lecturers
  • Participating in Social Activities and Sports in Colleges /Universities
  • Prayer Breaks and Prayer Hall: How to Deal?
  • Muslim Woman as a Lecturer or Professor: Challenges and Opportunities

A Muslimah in the Workforce

  • Career goals for a Pious and Professional Muslim Woman
  • Working in Mixed Gender Environment
  • Halal Work vs Haram Work
  • How to Maintain Islamic Dress Code in Workplace?
  • Islamic Rights for Female Employees
  • How to Interact with Male Colleagues?
  • Office Meetings and Every Day Communication
  • Prayer Breaks & Prayer Facilities
  • Gender Discrimination From Islamic Perspective

Empowering Muslim Women

  • Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thinking
  • Resisting Desires, Worldly Happiness and Temptations
  • Finding True Love and Real Happiness
  • To Please Allah and To Be The Queen of Paradise: The Ultimate Goal

Home Management from Islamic Perspective

  • Balancing Professional, Private and Spiritual life
  • Home Economics and Shopping – Islamic Guideline
  • Anger Management
  • Time Management

Women Rights in Islam

  • Women Rights – An Overview
  • Mothers: Rights and Duties
  • Wives: Rights and Duties
  • Sisters: Rights and Duties
  • Daughter: Rights and Duties
  • Daughter in Law vs Mother in Law

Feminism and Islam

  • Feminism: A Historical Analysis
  • Feminism and its Impact On
    woman in the Modern Society
  • Muslim Feminists
  • Deconstructing Feminism
  • Women Rights: A Comparative Analysis of Western and Islamic Perspective
  • Gender Justice and Gender Equality: A Comparative Analysis
  • Liberty and Freedom: A Comparative Analysis
  • Women Empowerment: A Comparative Analysis

Muslim Woman and “The West”: A Study

  • Myths and Realities about Muslim Women
  • Testimony of a Woman
  • Do women get half as much as men in inheritance?
  • The Beating Verse
  • Polygamy
  • Unilateral Divorce
  • Authority of Men over Women in Islam: What is Reality?
  • Cultural Practices and Islam
  • Misconceptions and Misinterpretations

The Art of Living Fun for Muslim Women

  • Singing and Poetry
  • Indoor Sports and Games: Islamic Guideline
  • Outdoor Sports: Islamic Guideline
  • Swimming and Water Sports: Islamic Guideline
  • Sightseeing and Travelling: Islamic Guideline
  • Music, Tv Serials, Movies and Entertainment: How to Deal?
  • Enjoying with Friends and Family: Limits and Boundaries

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What is this Course all about?

This unique and comprehensive online course will shed light on contemporary Islamic rulings related to Muslim women’s public and private life. The course will explore a wide range of issues related to modernity and the impact of modern technological advancement on behaviour and perception. The course is unique in many ways addressing important topics such as:

  • The Fiqh of Beautification, Make-up and Cosmetics
  • The Fiqh of Fashion Trends & Clothing Styles
  • Hijab & Niqab and Contemporary Society
  • The Fiqh of Gender and Social Interaction. Limits & Boundaries
  • The Role of Women in Society
  • A Muslimah in the Campus
  • A Muslimah in the Workforce
  • Empowering Muslim Women
  • Home Management from Islamic Perspective
  • Women Rights in Islam
  • Feminism and Islam
  • Muslim Woman and “The West”: A Study
  • The Art of Living Fun for Muslim Women

     The Aim of this course is to empower and motivate Muslim women to play an important role in society without compromising the Islamic values. The course will highlight the Important topics such as the status of women in Islam, the wisdom behind the Islamic rulings and how the Islamic moral code addresses ethical voids in society. Further, the course will focus on “Deconstructing Feminist Ideologies” and “ Exposing Western Myths about Muslim women” by presenting a comparative analysis of Western and Islamic perspectives on women rights.

    The course is structured as an essential intellectual, spiritual and moral guide for Muslim women of all ages. This course is must-attend for college/university students, working professionals, businesswomen, housewives and researchers.

Course Aims and Objectives:

1. To educate women and develop an understanding of Islamic rulings related to Muslim women especially in a modern context.

2. To provide a comprehensive guide for Muslim women focusing on their spiritual, social, economic and political roles.

3. To educate the important Islamic rulings covering the unique topics such as Make-up, Shopping, Dressing, Fashion and Social Interaction.

4. To provide Islamic narratives on some of the challenging concepts such as Women Rights, Feminism, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Liberty and Freedom.

5. To provide an opportunity to the sisters to enhance their Islamic understanding without compromising their family and professional life and be productive.

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We always encourage attending LIVE sessions among students, but in any case you miss attending one of the sessions, then you can always access the recorded videos of the session (Yes, you will get access to the recorded video of every LIVE session you missed).

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